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10 Things to Do When You Return to Bali

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Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In fact, the Island of Gods is among the top four, according to TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. The tropical bliss in Bali makes an unforgettable impression on every visitor. There are a lot of things to explore on the island that prompt travelers to immediately make a list of things to do when you return to Bali just after they depart from the island.


While looking forward to your next Bali getaway, Sun Island Bali has composed a small, compact list of things to do when you return to Bali in the future.



Sunset in Bali, by any standards, is highly spectacular and stunning every day of the week. With picturesque beaches spread all around the island and the natural wonders that surround them, the sunset becomes a highly decorated scene in Bali. Grab a drink or two and relax at the beach, then enjoy the sun goes down on the horizon.

Different days offer different sunsets; different beaches offer different views. Try to catch a different sunset every day from beaches with the best sunset in Bali. From the well-known Kuta Beach to the hidden Tegalwangi Beach, sunset-gazing should be on top of your list of things to do when you return to Bali.

Finding hidden waterfalls


Away from Bali’s most brimming areas, the island’s lush nature conceals the hidden gems for nature lovers: tropical waterfalls.  Most waterfalls in Bali hideaway in central regions like Bangli and Gianyar amidst green forests and hills. Some waterfalls, like Tukad Cepung Waterfalls, are more secluded than others with better accessibilities, like Git-Git Waterfall. However, the rewards of discovering Bali’s most beautiful waterfalls are enormous for those craving adventures in Bali as the view and the unprecedented atmosphere leave you awe-stricken.

Getting to know the culture


The nature and the culture have been living hand in hand in Bali for centuries. Along with the people, the nature and the culture constitute the way of living for Balinese people. The culture is reflected everywhere in the island as it affects almost every aspect of life in the island. Ceremonial events and attires are common sight; while art pieces, the product of Balinese culture, can be found anywhere.

You can indulge yourself with art performances, like Fire Kecak in Uluwatu or Legong Dance Performance. Enjoy the sound of traditional music instruments, rindik, every morning as you walk down the street in Bali. Or, else, you can learn about the philosophy of Balinese routine, such as preparing Canangsari, a set of traditional offerings.

Exploring centuries-old sacred temples


Bali is also known as the island of thousand temples, known as Pura, with more than 20,000 temples and shrines spread over the land. Balinese temples are built in accordance to strict Balinese architecture which incorporates style, culture, art, and faith. Those temples can be found in every corner of Bali, from the top of the mountain to the shore. Some of the temples have been standing for centuries; some, even, predates the Balinese Hindu.

From Pura Besakih, the Mother Temple, at Mount Agung to Pura Luhur Uluwatu at the edge of Uluwatu cliff, every temple is wonderful in design and in stories. You can visit different temples in every Bali getaway and, still, there are more to explore. Therefore, exploring Bali’s most famous temples should, at least, be on your list of things to do when you return to Bali.

Culinary journey

With the growth of tourism industry, Bali has also transformed into a culinary haven. The island has become an Indonesian culinary hub where you can find the finest cuisines from the country’s extended archipelago. In the recent years, international restaurants have opened in Bali with top-notch quality and extensive range of cuisines.

Restaurants, cafés, and eateries in Bali vary in prices, types of cuisines, and ambiances reflecting characters from each area in Bali.

Floating Breakfast with style


All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. Take your time to enjoy the morning situation in Bali as you delight in your morning meals unhurriedly and relaxingly. Add some styles to it and you will find an exquisite floating breakfast experience. It’s a new trend for those craving warm sunlight, pleasant poolside moment, and leisure breakfast at once. Whether enjoying it within an intimately fun privacy or indulging it as you revel in the surrounding’s majestic view, floating breakfast will be a new way to spend a quality morning in the island.

Mastering secret recipes of Bali’s cuisine


After relishing Bali’s finest cuisine, it’s time for you to take a lesson and bring the recipe home. Find yourself a most suitable Balinese cooking class with hand-on lessons from local culinary experts. Learn how to cook your favorite Balinese or Indonesian food from the scratch with the methods used by locals. Most of the cooking class in Bali offers live workshop and food tasting for you to fully grasp the lessons.

Lazing out and chillaxing by the pool


Sometimes, the best way to spend chillaxing moments in Bali is to spend it at the pool. Harvest enough Vitamin D by sunbathing, refresh the mood by jumping into the pool and set the mood right by sipping your favorite drink by the pool. Recently, beach clubs and pool clubs are open in the most exotic locations in Bali offering new pool experiences. Besides, you can visit the only infinity pool overlooking Legian Street and spend a boldly fun time under the sun.

Blissful spa day


The most pampering moment when you visit Bali happens at the spa. Connect with your inner self and feel the flow of the universe within you. The traditional Balinese massage is an experience you must try at least once in your life. For every stroke of the treatment, you can experience how your body and soul rejuvenate themselves. A spa day in Bali is the best option to bring home with refreshed, happier spirit.

Going green with the island


Bali is taking a radical change to make it a greener, healthier island. Since July 2019, the government of Bali has officially banned single-use plastic products. It’s a game-changer to the whole eco-tourism industry. You, too, can participate in supporting this cause for the good of the island and everyone in it. Get yourself eco-friendly bags while you travel the island as most shops no longer provide plastic bags. Some venues in Bali have also provided refill station to prevent the circulations of plastic bottles in the island. It’s a small change but the impact is real!

With this list of things to do when you return to Bali, we are hoping to help you planning your next Bali getaway with extra notes. In the end, Sun Island Bali is looking forward to welcoming you back in the Island of Gods. In the meantime, stay well and stay safe.