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8 Interesting Things to Do in South Kuta, Bali


30 July 2018

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8 Interesting Things to Do in South Kuta, Bali

South Kuta, which practically covers the whole southern side of Bali (or the foot in Bali’s map), is a home to myriads of luxury accommodations, hidden beaches overlooking the majestic Indian Ocean, and other beauty you rarely find in the usuals (Kuta, Seminyak, or even, Ubud). It’s a versatile area where you can be what you want to be—from being a luxury seeker, culture geek, extreme day-tripper, or surf junkie. South Kuta offers you innumerable activities to do for several days of your Bali getaway.

Here are some recommendations of interesting things to do in South Kuta, Bali.

Dinner by the sunset of Jimbaran Bay

Spoil your craving for unique dining experience while you visit Jimbaran Bay. There are heaps of beach restaurant and cafés, in which you can dine in, literally, at the beach. You might want to relish freshly caught seafood cuisine and enjoy the dishes as the sun goes down on the horizon or under the romantic moonlight with some candlelight on your table.

Walking between Mangrove Forest

Walk down the aisle surrounded by lush mangrove forest at one of the mangrove conservation around Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. You can opt to take some educational trip with guides, learning about the existence of world’s largest mangrove ecosystems (which happens to be in Indonesia), or you can simply stroll around for romantic walk with your partner. In addition, you can also help the government by plant your own mangrove forest to the site.

Extreme Sport at Tanjung Benoa

From time to time, Tanjung Benoa Beach has always been known for selections of extreme sports to do. You can challenge yourself by doing some of them, such as parasailing, jet skiing, or even flyboarding. With Bali’s beach atmosphere and the island’s wind, these extreme sports might feel different from the same thing in different parts of the world.

Waterblow at Nusa Dua

Have you ever witnessed the magnificent waves crashing against Bali’s rock cliff? If you haven’t, you can visit Waterblow in Nusa Dua. Hidden in Nusa Dua’s most beautiful cliff, you can see passageway by the cliff where water hits the rock and blows like explosions. Now, it’s your call to only witness this majestic natural phenomenon or to get wet in the process.

Visiting Cultural Park at Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Make an unforgettable voyage through Bali’s unique cultural park, Garuda Wisnu Kencana. Covering approximately 250 hectares of land in Ungasan hill, this park is famous for the ongoing construction of titan statue of Wisnu (Vishnu, an ancient Hindu god) mounted on the back of a garuda (a mythical giant eagle). Located at 260 meters above sea level, the park overlooks magnificent view of the island and the ocean. Some other facilities include an amphitheatre, a gallery, open-air venues, restaurant, souvenir shops and other recreational activities.

Beating the Tide at Bali’s Famous Surf Beaches

You should know that Uluwatu in far south of Bali is the island’s top destination of time. The tides and the geography are surfers’ favorite making this a world-class surfer haven. There are myriads of surf camps, surf schools, and, most importantly, pro-level surfers roaming around the areas. There are lots of beaches to choose, but the best will be Balangan and Padang-Padang (where annual international surfing competitions are held).

Voyage at Bali’s Most Hidden Beaches

Aside from the surf havens, South Kuta is also home for island’s best beaches, which surprisingly are well-concealed by nature or locals. With the tranquility, golden sands, lush surroundings and wavering blue radiates from Indian Ocean, it’s safe to say that beaches in South Kuta—stretching from Jimbaran, Uluwatu to Ungasan—are simply hidden gems. To name you some of the best: Tegalwangi, Bingin, Nyang Nyang, Suluban, Green Bowl and Gunung Payung.

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple

Last but not least, you might not complete your venture to South Kuta without visiting Pura Luhur Uluwatu, a famous Hindu temple located on the edge of a cliff in Uluwatu. With perfect view of the horizon and sunset, the picturesque temple is a perfect idyll. If you’re into cultural things, you can witness traditional Kecak Fire Dance set against the twilight horizon of Uluwatu cliff. It’s a rare cultural event where performance art blends perfectly well with nature’s best vistas.