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30 July 2018

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8 Things to Do in Bali on Rainy Days

While Bali is always celebrated for the hyperbolic endless summer, it is still located in tropical area, after all. Occasional rains at random times of the year are not unusual. Casual drizzle might come and go; and downpours can sometimes occur in the most unpredictable moment. Yet, those rainy moments should not hinder you from enjoying your finest Bali getaway since Bali still offers options for activity to take during the wettest day.
From going completely dry to utterly wet, these are some things to do during rainy days in Bali.

Indulging in the Most Pampering Spa

Sometimes rain might be a signal from nature to restrain you from self-imposing and to return to the nature’s most regaling embrace. Answer the nature’s call by spoiling your body in Bali’s most exotic spa parlors spread all around the islands. Enjoy Balinese traditional massages integrating tropical ingredients extracted from nature’s generosity with adept technique for your most pampering rainy day relaxation.
If you stay at one of Sun Island Bali’s properties, you can simply reserve your treatment at Island Spa for instant retreat to connect with your inner self and feel the flow of the universe within you

Visiting the Best Shopping Malls

Stay completely dry by visiting Bali’s most famous shopping malls scattered along Kuta area. You can immediately start your shopping spree for various items—from fashion, accessories, to souvenirs from myriads of brands, including international acclaimed ones. Most malls in Bali are also equipped with bookstores, food courts and other entertainments for you to spend as much as time within. If you’re up for movies, some biggest malls are also equipped with movie theaters with admission ranged from USD 3-15.

Café and/or Restaurant Hopping at Your Will

Lining up from Kuta to Legian all way Seminyak and Petitenget, myriads of cafés, restaurants and eateries are available with various ranges of dishes and prices. Drop yourself up at one of those famous areas and bring an umbrella, you’re up to walk from one place to another; savoring the best dishes they can offer—from International, Asian, or even Balinese. By the end of the rainy days, you’ll get much satisfied and vigorous for more adventures.

Partaking in Balinese Cooking Class

If you have extra curiosity of Balinese cuisine, you can also spend the whole rainy days on kitchen, unraveling secrets behind Balinese’s most delicious dishes with authentic chefs. Some places even offer tours to traditional market to prepare ingredients and local spices, before guiding you deep in the kitchen.
Chef at White Rose Kuta Resort, Villas & Spa offers Cooking Class to unravel secrets behind Balinese Crispy Duck at Bunut Café.

Engaging in Art Workshop

Aside from the natural beauty, Bali is also known for arts and crafts reflecting the island’s cultural heritage. Get yourself engaged in the island’s most artistic practice in some traditional workshop for silversmith and other art crafting. Some of these workshops take all the time you need to forget the wet day outside. In the end, you can bring your piece of art home as souvenirs. Such workshops and galleries are everywhere to find in Bali, but you’ll find it more around Ubud and Abiansemal.

Going to Art Theaters

Bali’s well-conserved culture is also practiced in forms of performances and dances. You might imagine Kecak Dances in Uluwatu Temple or some Barong Dances on amphitheaters; yet, they might be tough to follow under downpours. Set your sight to some indoor theaters that flaunt Bali’s best culture shows. There are plenty of art theaters you can visit, yet the most well-known ones would be Kuta Theater and Devdan in Nusa Dua.

Going Underwater

Imagine that you can be any wetter if you are underwater during wet day. You can either go swimming at any pool or bring the whole experience to a new height. Marine walk can be an extreme activity you can do during rainy days. Soak yourself completely wet to admire Bali’s gorgeous underwater life. You can opt to go scuba diving, snorkeling, or seawalking at your will.

Getting Even Wetter at Waterparks

If going underwater isn’t your thing but you’re up for energetic activity, you can simply go to waterparks. Remember that Bali is also home for most exciting waterparks. Kuta and Canggu own the most exciting waterparks, including the famous Waterbom—hailed as the #1 best waterparks in Asia and #2 best waterparks in the world. It’s a wet day, after all; why don’t you get even wetter?