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Bali Travel Tips – Knowing the local Jargon

In this article we’ll be outlining one of the most useful travel tips if you want to explore Bali. The basic phrases used in Bali, and how to use them in context. One of the most helpful travel tips to make your way around Bali is by knowing and recognizing the common Balinese and Indonesian phrases used by the locals. By learning these, you’ll at least be able to communicate your basic intentions. This comes in handy when you’re looking for directions, ordering food, bargaining with the locals in the shops and markets and so much more.


Bali Travel Tips – Knowing the local Jargon

Photo Source : NELBali


Some of the first phrases you should learn are how to greet the locals properly. Below is a list of basic greetings:

    • Good morning: Selamat pagi
    • Good Afternoon: Selamat siang
    • Good evening: Selamat malam
    • How are you: apa kabar
    • Good bye (See you later): Sampai jumpa, sampai ketemu
    • Good bye (Before leaving): Selamat jalan


Bali Travel Tips – Knowing the local Jargon

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Below are some mannerisms to incorporate into your jargon to help blend in with the locals and show that you respect them:

  • Please: tolong
  • To ask for something: minta; (can also add tolong to emphasize) such as minta tolong
  • Thank you: Terima kasih
  • You’re welcome: Sama sama
  • Apologize | I am sorry: Maaf


Bali Travel Tips – Knowing the local Jargon

Photo Source : Artem Bali

Practical phrases

Here are some common conversational phrases to memorize for when you encounter locals along your journey:

  • I want to go here (show a location on your map or phone): Saya mau pergi kesini + (name of location or point to map/phone)
  • How do I get here? (asking for directions): Saya mau kesini (how do I get here); Cara pergi kesini gimana (asking for directions + show map location or phone)
  • How much does this cost?: Ini berapa harganya? (asking for price)

It’s also worth noting that you can add the phrase “tolong” (which translates to “please”) to add manners to your request. Knowing a bit of Indonesian or Balinese can go a long way to aid your travels in Bali. It’s useful for transportation, negotiation, bargaining, asking for directions and so much more. It is a convenient skill to learn and one you should consider picking up before you go out and explore. Our friendly staff at Sun Island Bali can also give you some travel tips and hints regarding the local phrases and how to pronounce them. Don’t hesitate to approach any of our team! Sun Island Bali is located in the heart of beachfront Kuta. Make sure to book your reservations directly in advance to ensure we get a perfect room for you!