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Benefits of Using Eco-friendly Bags in Bali

The government of Bali has officially banned the use of single-use plastic products with Gubernatorial Regulation No. 97/2018 effectively since July 2019. The regulation primarily targets the producers, distributors, and suppliers of businesses to phase out the use of plastic from their business practices. It sets to reduce the overall plastic waste that has polluted Bali’s waters by 70% and, most importantly, to suggest the conversion to green products, including eco-friendly bags in Bali, to substitute the use of plastic products.

Sun Island Bali maintains the highest commitment to environmental responsibility with a series of green initiatives, Sun Island Bali Goes Green. One of the initiatives is to provide eco-friendly bags for our valued guests. During the check-process, our team will distribute a piece of eco-friendly bag for every room at Sun Island Bali properties. With the bag, Sun Island Bali invites guests to participate in help conserving Bali. Guests are encouraged to bring the bag along during their Bali getaway—be it on the property or during the tour.

With eco-friendly bags, you can help to reduce the circulation of plastic bags around the island. However, there are more benefits that you can get by using our eco-friendly bags in Bali. Here are some additional benefits.

  • Stronger and more solid

Our eco-friendly bag is made of stronger and more solid materials. It is designed to last a long time, especially if you compare it to plastic bags. With strong materials, the bag is not prone to breakage. You can carry more items with it without concern that it will tear down.

  • Handy

The bag is easy to carry everywhere you go. It also takes up less space. You can usually require one of them for your whole shopping list on the island. One bag can contain more items than a single plastic bag.

  • Reusable

The durability of the eco-friendly bag makes it possible to use it more than once. Therefore, it goes hand-in-hand with the purpose of banning single-use plastic products—to minimize the number of new materials used in manufacturing. Reusable items mean fewer resources used.

  • Modernly designed

We design our eco-friendly bag to look minimalist and modern. With neutral color and delicate design, you can use the bag for some extended reasons. You can also make it a souvenir from your visit to Sun Island Bali.

  • Environmentally better

Our reusable eco-friendly bag set to help the effort to cut down the production and distribution of plastic bags. Fewer bags mean lesser waste and that also means fewer chemicals released into the environment. More natural resources are spared and transport requirements are lessened.

By using our eco-friendly bag, which is available in every Sun Island Bali properties, you can help to conserve our nature here in Bali and worldwide.