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07 August 2018

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Best Running Tracks in Bali

While Bali is mostly known for the sun, the sand, and the sea with some bites of nightclubs and exotic resorts, it is also a paradise for running/jogging enthusiasts. Different landscapes in different parts of Bali lend dwellers of the island varieties of jogging tracks—from beach-side tracks, city tracks to green tracks. Sun Island Bali compiles some of the best running tracks for enthusiasts or for those who just move in to the island.

Kuta Track

The famous Kuta beach possibly has the best running track in Bali, despite the crowds. There are paved running tracks lining from Kuta Beach that goes straight to South towards Segara Beach and ends up in Jerman Beach (only hundred meters away from the airport). Taking a long run along this track is a heavenly experience with the ocean breeze accompanying all along. In the morning, it is a quiet running track with only few fellow runners around; but, in the evening, it can be a sea of people waiting for the famous Kuta sunset, which might become a bonus point for evening runners.

Runners or joggers who love extra challenges might want to run along the sandy beach. Run northwards along the famous Kuta beach, runners can straightly go to Legian Beach then to Seminyak Beach. By the end of the track, you might have finished a marathon already.

Sanur Track

Sanur has similarly well-paved jogging tracks like in Kuta only broader at some points. The jogging track extends from Segara Ayu Beach passing through Karang Sanur Beach to Mertasari Beach. Sanur’s tranquility is a plus point if compared to Kuta and the shore’s less-sloping edge is a benefit for calmer runners. As opposed to Kuta, Sanur track is a paradise for morning people since the tracks overlook distant sunrise at the finest.

Nusa Dua Track

Nusa Dua has several running tracks to try when you’re up to go southern of Bali. Bali Tourism Development Center (BTDC) is home for myriads of well-maintained luxury resorts and hotels. Pedestrian alleys connecting hotels to hotels might become an instant go for casual runners. For runners craving for scenery, the ocean-front jogging track around Mengiat Beach or Peninsula might be the paradise.

Denpasar Track

Jogging tracks in Denpasar mainly center on the central area, around Niti Mandala Park in Renon. There are multiple tracks around this area which are usually crowded with locals. Best part about the tracks in Denpasar is the numbers of food & beverage stalls around in case runners need to get recharged. During Sunday morning, Car-free day event is held, which usually becomes the pinnacle of runners gathering in Denpasar.

Canggu Track

The hipster town of Bali is also a paradise for joggers/runners dwelling in Bali. Surrounded by green rice fields around and black-sanded beach at the edge, the whole area of Canggu is an ideal back-to-nature running track. It’s not only a place for fitness but also spiritual healing.

Ubud Track

People might know Ubud for the serenity and pristine rice fields around juxtaposing with thick cultural influences around. In addition, Ubud is also known as yoga haven for those seeking for spiritual peace. However, the area also has immersive jogging track. Visit Campuhan Ridge Walk, a short trek dividing the lush heart of Ubud. Whether in early morning or sunset time, the magnificent view of the surrounding rice fields or thatch will accompany runners during the marathon.