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Easter Holidays in Bali

Due to celebrations involving chocolates, eggs and other treats that are a tradition of the Easter holidays, they have always been a favorite with the family and kids.

With this year’s Easter holiday just around the corner, people are already trying to come up with ideas and fun activities for their friends and families.


Easter Holiday Tips in Bali

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What is Easter Holidays?

Historically, the holiday name is derived from the Anglo-Saxon Goddess Eastre who symbolized the hare and the egg.

The customary tradition of Easter egg hunts was first introduced in 1878 by the wife of the 19th US President. The association with the rabbit is believed to originate in Europe in the 19th century.

The Easter rabbit is believed to lay eggs and leave the children with toys and candies on the morning of Easter, hence the popular tradition of giving toys and chocolate on this holiday.

The egg itself is believed to represent resurrection, rebirth, joy and new life.


Easter Holiday Tips in Bali

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Easter in Bali

Though not as festive as it is in the western hemisphere, the spirit of the Easter holidays is still present in Bali. Some ideas that we suggest to our guests is to take their families to the Beachwalk Mall in Kuta.

This famous beach-side mall in the heart of Kuta is familiar with foreign visitors and will have Easter holiday events for the family such as egg hunts, egg painting competitions, face painting and much more.

Live acoustic performances by local musicians are also a common sighting in this mall.


Easter Holiday Tips in Bali

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The Beachwalk Mall is located in the heart of Kuta, within minutes of Sun Island Bali Hotel Kuta or White Rose Kuta Resort. And a few minutes of driving from Sun Island Bali Hotel Legian.

Our in-house guests enjoy a very short commute through the vibrant beach side community on their way to the Beachwalk Mall.

Make sure to reserve your bookings in advance, directly with Sun Island Bali, to ensure we can accommodate you and your family this Easter holiday!