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Bali Travel Guide: Travel on a Budget

There’s a certain charm about Bali that attracts visitors from all over the world. The island is blessed with beautiful landscape, soft sandy beaches, turquoise waters and rich Balinese history. Traveling to Bali doesn’t have to be expensive. Bali is frequently visited by backpackers and light travelers alike wanting to explore the island. Here are some travel tips to explore Bali on a budget!


Bali Travel Guide | Sun Island

Bali Travel Guide | Sun Island Bali


Stay at a hostel or homestay

If you know where to look, there are plenty of hostels scattered around Bali. If you don’t mind sharing a room and just need somewhere to sleep and shower, they will save you a lot of money.


Use a motorbike for transport

Motorbikes are perhaps the easiest way to get around Bali. You’ll be able to navigate through narrow streets easier, maneuver around traffic, worry less about parking and enjoy an overall more flexible journey. Avoid using the taxis, as they are the most expensive way to travel in Bali.


Visit budget-friendly locations

There are tons of places in Bali that you can explore without having a big budget. The island is littered with hidden temples, waterfalls, secret beaches, scenic hikes and much, much more. All you need is your motorbike and some small change to buy food and drink as you travel.


Eat locally

Award winning restaurants and hotels are lovely, but only when you have the budget for them. Many of the beach clubs and restaurants are actually tailored for foreign visitors, including the prices! We therefore recommend you eat with the locals where it’s much cheaper, and also more authentic.


Visit during the low season or rain season

Prices during the low season are generally much cheaper.  This includes accommodation, flights, and transportation. You’ll also have a much easier time navigating the roads as there is less tourist traffic. On a closing note, it’s also important to download the online taxi applications such as Go-Jek or Grab. They serve a multitude of services aside from transportation, such as ordering food or medicine.  They can even change the spare tire on your bike if necessary!

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