Sun Island Bali Goes Green – Sun Island Bali
Sun Island Bali Goes Green Campaign

Sun Island Bali is proud to announce that we are turning a new and very Green leaf to reduce our environmental impact. Starting from December 2018, we are glad you are here with us as Sun Island Bali Goes Green, whereby a series of eco-friendly programs have been implemented in all our 5 properties to reduce our environmental impact.


Over the years, we have been providing hospitality of the highest level at our privately owned hotels, resorts, and villas; located at Bali’s prime locations, including Seminyak, Legian, Kuta, and Uluwatu. Notwithstanding, we realize that we can still do more to better your getaway in the Island of Gods by turning our focus to be more environmentally responsible. This is where Sun Island Bali Goes Green initiative comes in.


As frontrunners in Balinese hospitality, we believe we have the responsibility to lead by example in preserving our beautiful island. For the time being our green initiatives are based on the Reduce – Reuse – Recycle concept.


In Reducing and Reusing, we focus on reducing the amount of single-use plastic and paper usage and increase our Reusing efforts. At the moment, we have substituted plastic bottles in guest rooms with reuseable water jugs and refilling facilities. Furthermore, we have also substituted some plastic products with recyclable paper products in daily use; such as paper straws in exchange for plastic straws; and we use used newspaper to line dustbins instead of plastic liners. Moreover, paper wrappers are no longer used for toilet tissue paper, as we now use reusable pouches to store toilet tissue paper. We have also not only reduced the size of the invoice and billing paper to avoid redundancy; but also provided you with a paperless billing option through email.


In Recycling, we offer a zero-waste and eco-friendly culinary experience where we utilize the byproducts from the recycling as well. Besides, we also cooperate with other green associations in several joint initiatives, including utilizing used cooking oil to produce biodiesel and other products. Sun Island Bali also strives to use recycled tissue paper products within our properties.


All those efforts and other new ideas that we are constantly seeking are done to help reduce our daily plastic and paper usage and waste, thus lessening environmental impact. With our current initiatives, we have managed to cut down our yearly paper usage by more than 1 ton and our yearly single-use plastic usage by more than 28 tons. With such an achievement, we are committed to continuously widen and deepen our GREEN initiatives


To participate and support our Sun Island Bali Goes Green initiatives, feel free to ask our dedicated staff on how you can start. They will be more than happy to provide details and answer any questions that you may have. We believe that, through Sun Island Goes Green, we can serve the interests of both the current and future generations, and ensure that Bali can forever maintain its unique beauty.
We would like to thank you for taking a moment to learn about this new chapter in our service and also for supporting this cause that we very much believe in. We hope you enjoy your stay even more now as Sun Island Bali Goes Green!